Description of the Platform.

The Platform is a hosting service. Registered users of the Platform may submit, upload and post audio, text, photos, pictures, graphics, comments, and other content, data or information ("Content"), which will be stored by EpicalMusic at the direction of such registered users, and may be shared and distributed by such registered users, and other users of the Platform, using the tools and features provided as part of the Platform and accessible via the Website, Apps and elsewhere. The Platform also enables registered users to interact with one another and to contribute to discussions, and enables any user of the Website, Apps or certain Services (who may or may not be registered users of the Platform) to view, listen to and share Content uploaded and made available by registered users.

The Platform also includes social and interactive features that enable users to engage with and learn from the EpicalMusic community in order to build a following and ensure you get the content that interests you most. For example, users who upload content to EpicalMusic will gain access to our creator stats feature, which provides creators with insights into how the content they upload fares among users, including which users are top listeners and downloaders of such content.

Some features of our Platform are only available to registered users who subscribe to a certain Service (see Subscriptions and Gift Codes below). EpicalMusic however remains free for users that choose not to subscribe to such Services. In order to make the Platform available for free and provide you with personally relevant features, we serve tailored ads on the Platform on behalf of third-party advertisers. To that end, we use information that you make available to us when you interact with the Platform to inform the nature of the ads we show you and provide you with a customized experience. More information on how we use data to show you personalized ads is described in our Privacy Policy.

We may, from time to time, release new tools and resources on the Website, release new versions of our Apps, or introduce other services and/or features for the Platform. Any new services and features will be subject to these Terms of Use as well as any additional terms and conditions that we may release for those specific services or features.

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